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Trends 2023

Sora Trends 2023 is a team effort. Our diverse team of teachers, designers, content creators, parents and philosophers (just to name a few) is constantly scouring the latest research and projects in the education space. From our variety of perspectives, we enjoy debating and dreaming up new futures together with our students.

To compile Sora Trends, we crowdsourced trendspotting across our team of innovators. We found interesting connection points across what’s happening on the ground in our Expeditions, the latest tech products, and new findings from cognitive research. As the trends began to emerge, we knew we were on to something. To validate the trends we ran an online survey across 1,000 parents in December 2022. Finally, our network of experts shared their unique perspectives and expertise with Sora Learning Lab to elevate our own thinking.





  • Lauren Peterson | Marketing Manager | LinkedIn


  • Alexandre Custodio | Senior Software Engineer | LinkedIn
  • Tiago Peixoto | Lead Software Engineer | LinkedIn
  • Petri Heiskanen | Creative Director | LinkedIn
  • Skye MacLeod | Design Producer | LinkedIn


  • Michael Granado | Dean of Students
  • May Hong | Humanities Expert | LinkedIn
  • Zack Boboth | STEM Expert | LinkedIn
  • Brandy Daniels | Lead Advisor | LinkedIn
  • Cat Evans | Humanities Expert | LinkedIn
  • Kyle Gehringer | STEM Expert | LinkedIn
  • Hailey Maffett | Student


  • Michael B. Horn | Expert on Future of Education | LinkedIn
  • Kerry McDonald | Senior Education Fellow Foundation for Economic Freedom | LinkedIn
  • Sandra Moumoutjis | Executive Director Building 21 Innovation Network | LinkedIn
  • Karlin Oei | Founder of Ekuso | LinkedIn
  • Dr. Erik Fisher (aka Gracie’s Dad) | Emotional Dynamics Expert | LinkedIn
  • Gordon Bellamy | Professor of the Practice at USC | LinkedIn
  • Ryan Watkins | Professor at GWU
  • Sanjay Sarma | Vice President of Open Learning at MIT
  • Sarah Dillard | CEO at Kaleidoscope | LinkedIn
  • Matt Tower | Writer of EdTech Thoughts | LinkedIn
  • Nick Sinai | EdTech Product Manager | LinkedIn
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